Looking after your fuchsias






We do not feel that fuchsias are hard to grow, and would suggest that reasonable good results should be obtained without much previous experience by following  these simple steps.

The plants we send out are in soil blocks. On arrival they should be watered and potted into 3.5 in pots in John Innes No. 2 which should be obtained fresh.

They make fairly rapid growth, and dependent on the time of year, they should require repotting into 5-in pots in about a month to six weeks, into John Innes No. 3.

We suggest you carry out these instructions for all varieties of fuchsia plants if obtain early, even if the plants are to be planted outside later as this enables you to plant them slightly deeper and avoid the risk of the roots being frosted in the coming winter.

There are various methods of training Fuchsias, i.e.:-

Bush- Generally speaking, to obtain a normal plant one should stop at each three to four pairs of leaves and allow six to eight weeks for flowering from a pinch. It should be noted here that Fuchsias flower normally speaking form June to October, and should then rest through the winter, until early spring.

Plants obtained in the spring can be potted on, gradually increasing the size of the pot, and produce good strong plants for the summer. Never place outside until all risk of frost has passed. Regular watering and weekly feeding is all that is required when the final pot size has been obtained.






Basket - Many of our customers make hanging baskets and often we are asked how many plants per basket, this is a matter of personal choice but 4 or 5 plants in a 12-in or 14-in basket should give an excellent display, whereas 3 over-yeared plants would give satisfactory results. Fuchsias grown in baskets should always be taken apart and remade each spring, obviously with fresh compost.






Standards & Pillars- We are strong believers in growing standards or pillars from stock selected for this purpose, which we have available from the nursery or show stands (not mail order). Full standard stems are best grown through the winter months but many of our customers require or standards which can be produced quickly from early spring whips. The technique is to grow the main stem as quickly as possible, supported by a cane, removing side shoots if necessary but never the leaves, this is for conventional standards. For pillars, pinch side shoots out after 2/3 pairs of leaves. Pinch standards out at top when desired height is obtained, growing on the top 6 side shoots, pinching these out at each 2/3 pairs of leaves. At all times both for standards and pillars leave sufficient time to bloom after last pinch. See PDF instruction file

Standard Whips - We are able to supply standard whips (tall single stem plants grown especial for producing fuchsia standards) in several varieties as partly grown standards approximately 16 in - 18 in high. Most suitable varieties would be obtainable if ordered early, but these obviously are not available throughout the season. Prices are according to variety approximately 3.25 to 4.00 over the list price. Larger standards are available. All the above are for collection only from the Nursery or at our show-stands.



Hardies- For planting outside in permanent beds carry out general instructions. When the time comes (end of May/start June) when risk of frost has passed, plant out into well prepared beds, raised slightly above the common level, to help winter drainage. We would prefer that a covering of peat or other frost protecting material be used to obtain protection of the roots against cold in winter.

Nursery Talks- We have special days from time to time throughout the season when we have talks and demonstrations, with video at times to show out of season information. Please ring us for dates.



Q&A section



“Fuchsia Cultural Videos”






“Taking Fuchsia Cutting
Stuart Lockyer demonstates his method of taking fuchsia cutting.







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Stuart Lockyer displays the various forms that the fuchsias standard can be grown into







“Producing a Fuchsia Standard”
Stuart Lockyer demonstates his method of producing the perfect standard.







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All plants in this list are priced for a plant in a peat block for mail order.
If collected from the nursery they will be in 3-inch pots.
Larger plants are usually available.



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