Happy Anniversary. 1990 (C.B.Fleming) Single. Tube and Sepals white. Corolla white. A beautiful self coloured variety. Grows compact and free flowering. Suitable for show-bench work.
H.2. 3.50




Happy Fellow. (Waltz). Single. Sepals clear light orange. Corolla smoky rose. This is a very upright grower, with light green foliage. Must be well pinched.
H.2. 3.00




Happy Wedding Day. 1986 (Richardson). Double. Tube white, striped rose-bengal, long. Sepals white, tipped green upper side, pink at base. Corolla white wavy petals making full compact skirt with showy rich pink stamens. An excellent vigorous grower and heavy bloomer, may need support. Makes a good show plant or standard.
H.2. 4.00

Out Of Stock




Hawaiian Sunset. 1990 (McDonald). Double. Tube pale pink. Sepals rose. Corolla dark red-purple which lightens with maturity. Good green foliage. Fairly strong upright bush. Much sought after.
H.2. 3.50




Hawkshead. (Hardy) 1988 (J. Travis). Single. Tube short, white suffused green Sepals white flushed green. Corolla white, barrel shaped. Dark green small foliage. Growth very upright and bushy. Suitable for hedging in sheltered areas. 3-5ft (90cm-1.5m).
H.3. 3.00




Hazel. 1985 (Richardson) Double. Tube and sepal cream veined pink. Corolla pale lilac. Large sized blooms. Very pleasing lax bush variety.
H2 3.50




Heidi Ann. 1970 (Smith). Double. Tube and Sepals crimson. Corolla lilac, paler at base, veined cerise. Very free medium flowers on a compact bush. Suitable for bedding.
H.2. 3.00




Heinrich Henkel. 1905 (Rehnelt). Single. Tube and Sepals rose. Corolla salmon. Flowers long, very free, borne in clusters. Sepals small. Corolla small. A hybrid from F. triphylla. Grows upright bush.
H.1. 3.50




Helen Clare. 1973 (Holmes). Full double. Tube yellow/green. Sepals white with very faint pink on underside. Corolla creamy white. Frilly edge. A very strong upright grower with excellent glossy foliage. Much admired before release. In our opinion this fuchsia has more yellow colouring than Ronald L. Lockerbie. Highly recommended.
H.1 or H.2. 4.00

Out Of Stock until 2023




Hermiena.  1987 (La Vieren, Dutch). Single. Tube and Sepals white, long and thin. Corolla darkest violet-purple when opening. Extremely striking colour contrast with this spectacular bloom. Excellent bushy plant for pot or show work, free flowering.
H.2. 3.50




Hidcote Beauty. 1949 (Webb). Single. Tube and Sepals white tipped green. Corolla pale salmon pink. Flowers medium, fairly free. Upright.
H.2. 3.00




Howletts Hardy. (Hardy) 1952 (Howlett). Single. Sepals scarlet. Corolla violet. Fluted and medium sized flower. Good grower. 2-3ft (60-90cm).
H.3. 3.00




 H.1. requires greenhouse heated to minimum of 40F (4.5C).
 H.2. requires a cool greenhouse - half hardy.
 H.3. denotes the plant is hardy. The heights printed on the H3 varieties in this catalogue are an approximate guide to help your selection and planting layout and is the approximate height expected in the second growing season after a normal winter.

Although the above classifications are our recommendations, many of our customers are growing fuchsias that we classify as H.2 out of doors with good results and obviously with bigger blooms produced on H.2's than on
H.3's. It may be worth a try, the first winter being where greatest care is required (a good covering of peat is always beneficial).

The RHS and the British Fuchsia Society list many fuchsias that we classify as H2 medium hardy, as H3 hardy and with the climate changes (Global warming) this has probably become a fact


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Small Flowered

All plants in this list are priced for a plant in a peat block for mail order.
If collected from the nursery they will be in 3-inch pots.
Larger plants are usually available.



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Small Flowered